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You deserve to be healed.

Jacqueline Doty, CHT, PNLP, PTT, CSC 

I help ambitiousspiritual entrepreneurs achieve dreamy outcomes while healing their limiting mindset, breaking free from childhood wounds, and reviving their feminine energy. I help my clients raise their standards, believe in themselves, & attract secure relationships with the protector of their throne. 


Coaching with me means you devote yourself to your dream-life & love-vision while holding you accountable for being the authentic, vulnerable woman you need to be to call it in. My clients sign accountability contracts & complete tasks in between coaching sessions. I use healing techniques from Neuro Linguistic Programming to rewire your subconscious brain so you can achieve your dream outcomes.


My mission is to help women END the generational cycles of relationship trauma & abuse.

I ONLY work with women who are "at cause," meaning they take radical responsibility for their past & future, are deeply devoted to their dreams, & excited to heal & become radiant goddesses of impact before becoming wives and moms. I reject clients who are "at effect," who stonewall, who refuse to be vulnerable, or have closed their hearts to healing, God, or love. 

Choosing to ignore your healing opportunities makes life a living hell because you marry your woundmate instead of your soulmate, you'll normalize a destructive marriage to your children, & you will miss out on ever feeling deeply secure or truly valued by your partners.

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