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You deserve to be healed.

Welcome to the tribe, goddess!

I help marriage-minded Christians, age 20-30, heal from childhood trauma, increase their self worth, speak using empowered communication, and attract healthy partners so their future kids don't have to suffer through divorce. 

I ONLY work with women who take radical responsibility for their past and future, who deeply value mentorship, and who are excited to be the best wives and moms possible one day. Is that you?

I absolutely REJECT clients who stonewall, refuse to be vulnerable,  or have closed their hearts to healing, God, or love. Is that you?

Women get stuck in toxic patterns and will continue to traumatize themselves in relationships, such as being enslaved in codependent bonds and missing out on ever feeling deeply secure or truly valued by their partners. This is the risk for women who don’t take radical responsibility to heal their childhood trauma & reprogram their limiting beliefs.

This makes life a living hell because they will marry their woundmate instead of their soulmate, their children will not develop secure attachment in the world, destructive marriages will seem normal to their children, and family members will suffer for years after divorce. 

My help benefits everything in your life because you will wield the tools to build secure & thriving relationships, use feminine communication to get what you want from life, and embody the self-love to feel seen, heard, and valued. This means more money from your work, more cherishing at home, and becoming your own hero through self-love. 

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