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12 week healing journey + Becoming "The One" book study

JANUARY ♥ Acknowledge + address 

  • Week 1-4 you’ll uncover the limiting beliefs of your subconscious brain + begin to reprogram your self-talk + identity via affirmations + inner child/shadow work.

  • Rewrite your truths: address your childhood trauma, forgive yourself, + others

  • The law of assumption + attraction + abundance mindset

  • Reverse Engineering a Path to Your Dream Life and Dream Man 

  • Nervous system regulation: using EFT tapping to process emotions

  • MASTERCLASS: Healing the wounded feminine + most common love blocks

FEBRUARY ♥ Aspire + access

Week 4-7 your daily routines are productive, you have mental clarity, live a life of zero clutter, + have numerous self-love rituals supporting you daily. Your subconscious brain is already reflecting an improvement in your vibe, attitude, + authentic self expression.

  • Begin attracting soulmate friends, clients, + gentlemen

  • Release stored trauma in the body through breathwork + somatic shaking 
  • Self-soothing techniques to decrease severity of anxiety + depression 
  • Book study + workbook - Calling in “The One”: 7 Weeks to Attract the Love of your Life
  • MASTERCLASS: Feminine archetypes + feminine frame 

March ♥ Alignment + embodiment 

Week 9-12 you’ll learn to master human connection, become a 5 A’s lover, + get your needs met not only by yourself, but through your top 5 relationships as well.


  • Personal rebranding + core values + your new mission statement 
  • Balance your masculine + feminine energy across your life’s 7 pillars of wellness 

  • Honeymoon Avenue: Your Complete Dating Master Plan (before, during, + after dates)

  • MASTERCLASS: Feminine Communication for Love & Life


Transformative results to expect after 12 weeks healing program

  • Confidently express your boundaries, with communication competence, to anyone 

  • Self-awareness of your core values, dating deal breakers, + love vision preferences 

  • Ability to smile + hold eye contact with strangers enough to get asked out IRL
  • Overcome the fear of being seen + learn to feel safe in your body 
  • Transition to a Zero Clutter lifestyle with mental clarity + no decision fatigue
  • Feel feminine flow + alignment of living congruent to your values, behaviors, + identity
  • A radiant relationship with yourself where you become your own favorite company

  • Ability to stop an emotional spiral in its tracks through nervous system regulation

12 week healing journey + Becoming "The One" book study

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