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Lionessence: Trauma Transcended - 4 Week Group Coaching - July 24

Lionessence: Trauma Transcended (previously known as Feminine Revival) is a powerful 4-week program that offers a supportive sisterhood + 30 days of homework activities designed to help you heal from trauma.


  • Lioness clarity: recode beliefs, patterns, + stories that block your dream life
  • Lioness empowerment: release negative emotions & reconcile your wounded inner child
  • Lioness programming: rewire your strategies, habits, + triggers 
  • Lioness self-love: reinvention after forgiving yourself & enemies 



  • Releasing negative emotions (TIME Techniques)
  • Reprogramming limiting beliefs (Meta Modeling) 
  • Releasing negative anchors (Hypnosis)
  • Releasing negative triggers (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
  • Sacred release + closing ceremony (Cord cutting ceremony)


Who this is for:

  • Highly ambitious women who are stuck in self-sabotaging mode
  • Highly engaged & accountable women who encourage their partner
  • Highly traumatized women who are eager to heal + grow


Who this is NOT for: 

  • Women who ghost, stonewall, or are addicted to staying in fight-or-flight mode in relationships 
  • Women who buy programs but don't attend weekly calls or stay current on homework 


Due to the intellectual property nature of this curriculum, Clarity by Jacqueline Unlimited has a strict no refund policy. By paying for this program, you are consenting to this policy. 

Lionessence: Trauma Transcended - 4 Week Group Coaching - July 24

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